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Wickerham and Woodside Wabbitries
In Loving Memory
Congratulations Janet at NDS, 2003!
In Loving Memory
Pictures of our Dutch
Pictures of our Tri and Brindle Hollands
Pictures of our Netherland dwarfs
Pictures of our new Tan Dwarfs!
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Buckeye Feed and Doc's Rabbit Enhancer
Special Thank you's

Listed below are our bunny friends that have made a lasting impression on us and that we hope are now having a good time in bunny heaven:

Joe, a little black tan otter buck, whom Janet named, was very friendly and loved to be petted. Soon after we bought him he started having seizures and knowing that we couldn't devote the care that he needed, we moved him to a friends place where he was able to receive the attention he deserved. Unfortunately, he passed away this past Summer, 2003 at the age of 8 months old. May he rest in peace.

Sandi was a gray dutch who was a nice show bunny and wonderful mother. She passed away the Summer of 2003 at the age of 2 years after breaking her back. We will miss Sandi very much.

Blueberry (not pictured), a blue dutch doe (Libby's sister) was a nice producer.  She passed away the Winter of 2004 at the age of 2 years.

Critter (not pictured) was a really cute Harlequin Dutch who was only with us a short time. She came into our lives right before Easter as a baby and only lived for two weeks. One of Janet's favorites, she will be missed greatly and is buried alongside the bunny barn.
Siamese Sable Jersey Wooly doe.  She was only 7 weeks old when she passed shortly after the above picture was taken.


Siamese Sable Jersey Wooly doe at 7 weeks old