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Wickerham and Woodside Wabbitries
Special Thank you's
Congratulations Janet at NDS, 2003!
In Loving Memory
Pictures of our Dutch
Pictures of our Tri and Brindle Hollands
Pictures of our Netherland dwarfs
Pictures of our new Tan Dwarfs!
For Sale (see what's hoppin')
Buckeye Feed and Doc's Rabbit Enhancer
Special Thank you's

Janet and I would like to thank the following...


Ellie Bonde, Peggy Luers, Jay Imes, Billy Bounds, Jill Pfaff, and Joe Powers for all their help getting Janet a great start with her stock. A special thank you also goes to Sandy Turner for her patience in trying to help me figure out this WEBSITE!!!

Janet with Jay after he was awarded the Hall of Fame! Way to go, Jay!

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