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Wickerham and Woodside Wabbitries

Congratulations Janet at NDS, 2003!
In Loving Memory
Pictures of our Dutch
Pictures of our Tri and Brindle Hollands
Pictures of our Netherland dwarfs
Pictures of our new Tan Dwarfs!
For Sale (see what's hoppin')
Buckeye Feed and Doc's Rabbit Enhancer
Special Thank you's

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Hi, Welcome to Wickerham's Wabbitry and Woodside Wabbitry, home of Ann Wickerham's Netherland Dwarfs and Janet Wickerham's Red Mini-Rex.  In the Dwarfs, we raise primarily the Tan and Blue-Eyed White. 

We are located in Ijamsville, Maryland which is between Frederick and Damascus, Maryland.

Janet with Angel, a Harlequin Dutch

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